The Book

Sell like a girl™is a book about how to succeed in sales in a man’s world. Jeanne Worrick has lived that for the past 20 years and is now letting women in on the secret that ALL women share. Unfortunately, so much of what we know goes unvalidated in the business world. To begin with, the whole paradigm of corporate America was established by men for men and forces women spend a lot of energy just trying to fit into a culture that is foreign to the way they think and feel.  Yes, we are great at adapting, since we’ve always been the ones that have had to adapt, but it takes energy.  Energy that could and should be channeled in more creative, fulfilling ways.

You may not think that you have the "personality" or the "assertiveness" needed to be in sales, but I bet you're wrong. If you want a career that will give you the flexibility to make your own hours and give you time for your personal life, whether it be children or skydiving (both equally challenging) AND pay you commensurate with your ability, then you must read "sell like a girl" and discover how much you already know.

Sell like a girl is not  a typical  "How To" book. It's a "You Go Girl" kind of story, part memoir, part motivational tool written with ALL women in mind. For those of you who need more guidance, Chapter 10 is entitled "Twelve Rules For Women in Sales" and here are a few of the rules:

1. Follow the path of least resistance.

2. Go easy on yourself.

3. Sales books written by and for men don't always apply to women.



Don’t be discouraged by the status quo of testosterone selling. You can be yourself and succeed. If you want to earn more money and still have balance in your life, then read this book. Finally, a book for women in by a woman in sales.

Jeanne Keith Worrick has been a top producer in commercial and industrial oil sales for twenty years, working in a predominately male industry serving Fortune 100+ companies. While in sales, she has created successful marketing programs that have expanded market share and she continues to run seminars that address timely topics such as, biofuels and green issues, for her clients and her prospects.

“Sell Like a Girl is filled with good humor, engaging stories and sound advice for women in sales,...Truth be told it is a great book for men in sales as well. In a world where hundreds of self help books provide the secret...formula for success, Jeanne helps you discover and use your most unique and reliable assets.”
—Anne Perschel, Psy. D., President, Germain Consulting

“If you are a woman in sales and are wondering how to plug into your innate ability to sell, this is it! Jeanne explores a new paradigm of selling in a common sense way. This is a fun, easy to read, anecdotal book that can be applied to any sales business.”
—Anne Lemons, Regional Vice President, Arbonne International


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